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2020 Year End Review It's felt like March for months now, but 2020 is finally coming to a close! Thank you Time Lord for ending this year. Let's get one thing straight, the pandemic sucked. Really sucked. I wish I could u... Read More 7 tips to help you ace your first technical interview As an interviewer, one of my favorite interviews was one where the candidate didn't finish the problem. This interview is memorable because of the dialogue. I understood their thought process, they as... Read More Hacktoberfest 2020 Recap Hacktoberfest is done and dusted and I wanted to do a quick recap on my experience. Reflecting on this month has helped me appreciate the hard work maintainers put into their projects. I've also found... Read More My first 3 months with Elixir I've been learning Elixir as a side project for the past few months. And I wanted to share my process and the rough learning plan I've been following. Before we dive in, I wanted to give some context... Read More Lessons from my first conference talk Elixir conference happened earlier this month, and like all conferences this year, it was virtual. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the organizers! Even though it was a virtual conference, they wer... Read More 2020 blog refresh: the process and lessons learnt Welcome to my brand new website! I'm stoked that I can finally share it with people. I rushed a little towards the end to get it released. But I'm happy with how it all turned out. Along with a new de... Read More Excerpts with Eleventy I 100% struggled with getting excerpts in Eleventy (11ty). It seems so simple, but I couldn’t figure it out. I had two issues. Firstly, I got excerpts working using 11ty’s custom frontmatter data, unf... Read More Using Github and Notion to organise side projects A while ago I posted a question on asking how people stay motivated with their side projects. There’s a bunch of great tips on that thread so definitely go check that out! I shared how I stay m... Read More What brings me joy as a developer I've been thinking about joy lately. Which seems like a sad sentence to write. But I promise it's not that bad! It's more of a yearning for something new. I have all these questions in my head like, a... Read More Tips for developers starting out with web design I’ve always had this dream of being the fullest, full stack developer. I would take an idea, design something awesome, and then go build it. Unfortunately, anytime I tried UI design I was a fish out o... Read More How to setup CI with Phoenix & Github Actions Continuous Integration (CI) is the act of automating the build and testing of your code when it's committed to version control. For a small app like my blog, I wanted to setup CI without needing to cr... Read More Use Yarn in your Phoenix App Yarn, like NPM, is a package manager to manage your front-end packages. When creating a Phoenix project you can't specify whether to use NPM or Yarn. And it doesn't look like there's any plan to suppo... Read More Building a blog with Phoenix: Getting started Today, I want to show you how to start building a blog using Phoenix. You can find the source code here: We are using Phoenix version 1.5.3 a... Read More Elixir & Phoenix: Phase 1 updates Last week I wrote up a learning plan for Phoenix & Elixir. In this post, I wanted to add an addendum to phase 1 of the plan and give a quick progress update. Addendum First off, the addendum. Afte... Read More Phoenix & Elixir Learning Plan Updated: July 17, 2020 - Added another resource I recently wrote about my experience playing around with Phoenix and Elixir for the first time. Looking back on that experience, I copied a lot of code... Read More First impressions of Phoenix Framework I've wanted to try out Phoenix ever since I heard the Changelog built their site on it. Yes, I'm very late to the party, version 1.0 of Phoenix, released in 2015. Thankfully I've found some time away... Read More Publishing RSS feed to I enjoy publishing to It has some significant features that my site doesn't have, like commenting (I'm working on it!). In the past, I copied and pasted posts from my site to Devto. This proce... Read More Black Lives Matter I hope you can forgive this departure from the usual content, but at this point I can't keep silent about the racial inequality in America. My parents were first-generation immigrants, and like many o... Read More Documentation Driven Design I started this year with a goal; develop features faster without sacrificing quality. I soon realized that I couldn't find the balance between quality and speed and became increasingly stressed at wor... Read More Building the Ruby Proto Compiler gem Protocol Buffers (Protobufs) are a great way to pass information between your apps. Written by Google, Protobufs give you the readability of JSON but the structure of something like XML. Using the pro... Read More 2019 blog refresh I like to refresh my blog now and then. Partly because I want to update the UI but mostly because I forget how I built it in the first place. I've finished my refresh this week and it's about time I w... Read More Things that I don't know about (2019 edition) It’s 2019 and there’s still a ton of things that I don’t know about coming out of 2018. I wanted to write these down somewhere so I can refer to it throughout the year. It’s daunting realizing how muc... Read More Freelance Advice for Past me When I first made the choice to become a freelancer and I had no idea where to begin. I reached out to my old manager who was the sales lead/product manager at my old company. We covered a range of to... Read More Setting Up RSpec and FactoryGirl Not another RSpec tutorial! I know, there’s plenty of well written tutorials out there. But, thankfully, this is only a cheat sheet. The article below outlines the steps to get RSpec and Factory girl... Read More