Hey there! I'm Jonathan.
A Software Engineer.

I write about web development with
a focus on Javascript, Elixir, and Ruby

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| #tooling, #javascript

A guide to the Javascript tools ecosystem

I'm relatively new to the Javascript (JS) tooling ecosystem and it's... overwhelming. There seem to be many tools that solve the same problem. Sure there are tools more popular than others, and maybe some industry-standard tools. For example, Webpack... Read More

| #learning, #elixir, #phoenix

Phoenix & Elixir Learning Plan

Updated: July 17, 2020 - Added another resource I recently wrote about my experience playing around with Phoenix and Elixir for the first time. Looking back on that experience, I copied a lot of code without fully understanding how things worked. Not... Read More

| #phoenix, #tutorial

How to setup CI with Phoenix & Github Actions

Continuous Integration (CI) is the act of automating the build and testing of your code when it's committed to version control. For a small app like my blog, I wanted to setup CI without needing to create accounts with TravisCI or CircleCI. This is w... Read More

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