Hi, I'm Jonathan 👋

A software engineer based in Seattle. I write about web technology and my dev journey.

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My first 3 months with Elixir I've been learning Elixir as a side project for the past few months. And I wanted to share my process and the rough learning plan I've been following. Before we dive in, I wanted to give some context... Read More Lessons from my first conference talk Elixir conference happened earlier this month, and like all conferences this year, it was virtual. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the organizers! Even though it was a virtual conference, they wer... Read More 2020 blog refresh: the process and lessons learnt Welcome to my brand new website! I'm stoked that I can finally share it with people. I rushed a little towards the end to get it released. But I'm happy with how it all turned out. Along with a new de... Read More Excerpts with Eleventy I 100% struggled with getting excerpts in Eleventy (11ty). It seems so simple, but I couldn’t figure it out. I had two issues. Firstly, I got excerpts working using 11ty’s custom frontmatter data, unf... Read More Using Github and Notion to organise side projects A while ago I posted a question on dev.to asking how people stay motivated with their side projects. There’s a bunch of great tips on that thread so definitely go check that out! I shared how I stay m... Read More What brings me joy as a developer I've been thinking about joy lately. Which seems like a sad sentence to write. But I promise it's not that bad! It's more of a yearning for something new. I have all these questions in my head like, a... Read More Tips for developers starting out with web design I’ve always had this dream of being the fullest, full stack developer. I would take an idea, design something awesome, and then go build it. Unfortunately, anytime I tried UI design I was a fish out o... Read More
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