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jonathan yeong

My name is Jonathan, I'm a software engineer originally from Australia, currently based in the United States.

My web development career started with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Previously, I was an iOS developer, and learning Ruby/Rails made me appreciate the focus on developer experience. The time it took to get a web app up and running blew my mind! But I quickly succumbed to the flexibility and lack of guard rails (heh). I remember for one of my early projects, I leaned into nested resources. Maybe a little too hard. The app became incredibly hard to debug and eventually I abandoned it and started again.

Since that time, I worked at a digital agency, freelanced, and moved to the US to work at a fin-tech company. Most recently I worked at Highspot, a sales enablement startup. I strive to deliver maintainable solutions to products at scale. I love mentoring and contributing to the growth of the team around me.

This website is where I'll write about Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript, and other thoughts on web development. I also have a newsletter and a YouTube channel where I dive into developer growth and processes.

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