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How to make your cards pop!

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to make your cards pop out on hover using only CSS. This effect looks like this: Here's the code, and a codepen. For an explanation of how everything works, read on! The HTML: <article class="card-outer">... Read More

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Excerpts with Eleventy

I 100% struggled with getting excerpts in Eleventy (11ty). It seems so simple, but I couldn’t figure it out. I had two issues. Firstly, I got excerpts working using 11ty’s custom frontmatter data, unfortunately the excerpt did not render markdown. Wh... Read More

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How to setup CI with Phoenix & Github Actions

Continuous Integration (CI) is the act of automating the build and testing of your code when it's committed to version control. For a small app like my blog, I wanted to setup CI without needing to create accounts with TravisCI or CircleCI. This is w... Read More

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Use Yarn in your Phoenix App

Yarn, like NPM, is a package manager to manage your front-end packages. When creating a Phoenix project you can't specify whether to use NPM or Yarn. And it doesn't look like there's any plan to support this; see github comment. Prior to NPM 6, Yarn... Read More

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Building a blog with Phoenix: Getting started

Today, I want to show you how to start building a blog using Phoenix. You can find the source code here: https://github.com/jonathanyeong/phoenix_blog/tree/v0.0.1. We are using Phoenix version 1.5.3 and Elixir version 1.10.3. We will cover: Project... Read More

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Publishing RSS feed to Dev.to

I enjoy publishing to Dev.to. It has some significant features that my site doesn't have, like commenting (I'm working on it!). In the past, I copied and pasted posts from my site to Devto. This process was not ideal and really bad for SEO to my site... Read More

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Building the Ruby Proto Compiler gem

Protocol Buffers (Protobufs) are a great way to pass information between your apps. Written by Google, Protobufs give you the readability of JSON but the structure of something like XML. Using the protoc tool you can compile the Protobufs into a lang... Read More

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Setting Up RSpec and FactoryGirl

Not another RSpec tutorial! I know, there’s plenty of well written tutorials out there. But, thankfully, this is only a cheat sheet. The article below outlines the steps to get RSpec and Factory girl set up in your Rails app. If you want a TL;DR, fol... Read More