Jonathan Yeong

The Power of Restarting

It started two months ago when I received my Digital Ocean bill. It came up to $20 — my dad called this peanut money. I called it dinner for one. This was the cost of hosting two sites that I hadn’t touched in almost a year. And it was money wasted. I can’t tell you why this bill was the trigger. Maybe it was because I was in between freelancing jobs. Or maybe I had a touch of early onset spring cleaning fever. Whatever it was, I started making plans to change.

The plan was to migrate these sites to a cheaper hosting option. I had recently worked on a client project that used AWS to host a static site. This was the droid I was looking for. Having settled on the tools, I had to settle on the look. Was I happy with how the sites currently looked? Not at all. They were boring and impersonal. After much deliberation, the next step was clear. I needed a restart.

Restarting is a daunting task. It means deleting everything and rewriting it. I was trying to get to the same stage as before. But by restarting, I had a blank canvas to work with. I could infuse my personality in this project. Which was something I didn’t know how to do a year ago. Most importantly I became motivated again. This is the power in restarting. It gives you a boost of motivation to help you achieve your goals.

So I shutdown both of my hosted sites. I waved good bye to my freelance portfolio site. And refreshed my personal blog. It’s by no means a front-end masterpiece. But I’m no designer. All I wanted was a foundation that I could build upon. And my last AWS bill — $0.74. Now that’s what I would call peanut money.

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