Things that I don't know about (2019 edition)

It’s 2019 and there’s still a ton of things that I don’t know about coming out of 2018. I wanted to write these down somewhere so I can refer to it throughout the year. It’s daunting realizing how much I don’t know. But I enjoy recognizing my knowledge gaps. By working hard I can finish 2019 knowing a little bit more. Here’s a list of the things that I still don’t know about:

  • Cryptocurrency - Everyone talks about it and I kind of get how it works. But I have no idea how it’s built or how to mine it.
  • Machine Learning/AI - I know some basic theory but I’ve never successfully built a program that has learnt anything. This area seems to be an ongoing trend so it’s probably worthwhile for me to build a project that uses Machine Learning.
  • Website design - I still have no idea how to do this. I don’t know how to use the tools and I don’t know how to make something look good. I can tell a good website when I see one. But how do I translate into my own site?
  • Functional Programming language - Does Javascript count as one? I have no idea. What is a functional programming language? Why does everyone tell me I should learn one? I want to get better at learning languages so why not start with a functional one.
  • Containers - Kubernetes, Docker, are they even related? I have no idea how any of these work. Why are containers good? What can they contain?
  • Native App development - There’s only so much I can learn in a year. But I do want to learn about app development at some point.
  • GraphQL - I’ve seen this used by Github and other companies. But I have no idea how this works. I think it’s a replacement for a REST API. But how do I implement it? And why is it good?
  • Javascript front end framework - There are so many frameworks out there. And I know nothing about any of them. I’ve heard good things about Vue, but honestly, I don’t know what problem they’re trying to solve.
  • Node - This helps build servers? I know it’s written in Javascript and there’s been drama with Node in the past. How can I use it for web development?
  • Fancy AWS stuff - I’ve heard people talk about Athena and Glue. But I have no idea what they are or what they achieve. The AWS ecosystem is huge, I’d want to learn more about it.

This is scratching the surface of the things I don’t know about. There’s probably plenty more. But as I continue on in 2019 I want to spend time researching some of these topics. And hopefully by the end of the year I’ll know a little bit more.

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash