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7 tips to help you ace your first technical interview

As an interviewer, one of my favorite interviews was one where the candidate didn't finish the problem. This interview is memorable because of the dialogue. I understood their thought process, they asked the right questions, and they were receptive t... Read More

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Using Github and Notion to organise side projects

A while ago I posted a question on asking how people stay motivated with their side projects. There’s a bunch of great tips on that thread so definitely go check that out! I shared how I stay motivated, and that is by staying organised. Rarely... Read More

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Freelance Advice for Past me

When I first made the choice to become a freelancer and I had no idea where to begin. I reached out to my old manager who was the sales lead/product manager at my old company. We covered a range of topics starting with how to get leads. To copyrighti... Read More