About Me

Hi friends! I’m a freelance Ruby on Rails developer currently based in Sydney, Australia. My journey started 7 years ago when I began my Computer Engineering degree at University of New South Wales. University was a blur, and coming out of it I found myself with a full time job building an iOS application. Soon after I was introduced to Ruby on Rails. This was also around the same time I found the online community, Code Newbie. It was the combination of these two events that culminated in my decision to move into a web developer/Ruby on Rails role.

I’ve now been a freelancer for 7 months. Prior to that, I was a:

  • Ruby on Rails developer at BBL Digital.
  • Software engineer at Neuroscience Research Australia.

My passions lie in contributing back to the community and developer growth. We have a unique industry where developers are encouraged to grow and then to share their knowledge with everybody else. I think this is a wondrous thing and I want to perpetuate that ideal.


  • Things I need to know about security - slides

Let’s connect!

You can find me on Twitter. Or shoot me an email!